FITE NITE - Focus group Jankison

Severijn 516

Here's my Jemison list from a FITE NITE that was hosted last Thursday. This is a recurring gaming night/tournament during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The point of this tournament is to have fun and play some weirder cards here and there. This Jemison list is about winning by fast advancing, going through the chain of agendas. Jemison is however also pretty flexible and can play traps, even more fast advance, tag & bag, glacier and so on. I have included some of my favorite cards for each of these strategies. I didn't run the tag & bag in this version because I thought it would be fun to force a score with focus group aided by the reveals from Ibrahim and slot machine.

A cool combo that's also in here is the interaction between City Works Project and Divested Trust. With the Trust scored, I can forfeit it when the opponent would steal City Works Project, deal that damage and retain the city work project so I can install and advance it twice again.

I had missed that I forgot to add the one copy of audacity in here. I would definitely recommend running one of those. Other cards that could easily find a home here is border control and a singleton preemptive action.

Thanks for hosting/streaming FITE!

27 Mar 2020 Cliquil

Divested Trust is cool. Presumably you also use the advancements to go on the City Works to make it even more unstealable?

27 Mar 2020 Martins_sales

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28 Mar 2020 Severijn

@CliquilActually, it does not work that way unfortunately! City works project does its damage upon access, while Divested Trust does its thing when the agenda is stolen, i.e. the next step after the access. I always want to use my jemison ability to advance an agenda, but divested trust doesn't really let you do that unless if you're doing the forfeit when they try and steal an agenda from R&D or HQ and you have an agenda installed.

City works project is most of the time unstealable because I will try to have a forfeit ability available to me in the run, like Tithonium, oberth protocol or an archer. The best one is oberth of course, because then you also get to kill the runner if he dares to run that agenda with an upgrade next to it.