Wide Open

Sapph0 187

alt art gagarin featuring space pirates

This deck has a few fast advance tools that work together to score massive agendas. Use Punitive Counterstrike, annoying ice, and Chief Slee to punish aggressive runners. This is for fun and Because I Can :P

With a Reconstruction Contract on the board you can do all kinds of shenanigans, so put them behind ice when you can. Bioroid Work Crew saves you the install click when you use it with Fast Track or Dedication Ceremony. Mumbad Construction Co. can get you that extra advancement token on a scoring turn and Lady Liberty sometimes wins a game by herself.

This might not do well in a top cut or a situation where someone has your decklist, because the threat of HHN and tilt factor of Gagarin in general sometimes allows you to get too much momentum to stop. A careful runner can pick it apart (@ohemve !!!!) but sometimes you can still cheese out a win.

The deck name is a song on my 'future aesthetic' playlist.