Finally I am not making a Rube Goldberg deck.dec

saetzero 2295

The most straight forward Shaper I will ever make.

Legwork is a choice. Faerie is a choice. Replace them for Buhkalter (or whatever its called) if you prefer that.

If you are playing right, you don't need Misdirection.

You get draw on damage (usually) and have FC so should be fine vs Weyland damage lists.

Gain the money. Count the dollars. Play with your coins. Then bust the remote open. FTE is a great card, but i couldn't slot it.

Move off Cafe/Chameleons IF YOU ARE A COWARD.

Have fun.

9 Mar 2020 CodeMarvelous

The fact that you consider this straight forward cements your position as the Doc Brown of netrunner.

10 Mar 2020 saetzero

@CodeMarvelous Don't you shade me like that! Though I would say I do just throw a lot of garbage into a list and it runs somehow..... is that comparison actually great? D:

12 Mar 2020 Hangover_Glory

I could see @saetzero reading Chameleon for the first time and shouting "IT'S THE LIBYANS!" So yeah, I'd say that comparison is pretty apt.