Cortex G4nk & The Bellona Comb0

bovinepro 50

EZ and early kills : Install Cortex. Install ganked behind it. Gank them into the cortex doublefiring it ala Komainu. 2 cred early game kills achieved. Economy Power Move : De-Rez three 0 cost upgrades or assets (prisec, ganked, reversed accounts, rashida ) and rez ICE with divert power on the cheap. Give Me All Your Money : Mushin-no-Shin Bellona and then play NAPD Cordon. Bellona now costs 15 credits to steal (often too much for the runner to do anything other than access it and sadly look it over) In terms of actually scoring your agendas out this deck is slow and stupid. Install double advance in the super iced remote feels commonplace. You may want to consider subbing in some 0 to rez cost ICE for divert power (Resistor)? The bellona mushin play is also very weak once they have their economy setup for obvious reasons. !!!!Project Junebug!!! is a GREAT include as you can mushin it, play NAPD cordon, and they are going to run it every time, often to death. If the suspect junebug you can still mushin, advance junebug again, and force them to draw and trash 8 cards to kill the bug. Or just fake them out with a 4 advanced bellona :)