Very (cpt_)Nice Sunny - 1st @ Italian KoS & best minifaction

koga 704

This is a Sunny list almost entirely copied from @cpt_nice.

I played it @ our yearly Italian King of Servers, after deciding with @edobram (the usual Adam player) that we'd switch and he'd be the one playing shaper this year with one of his Hayley lists.
As for the rest of the Turin City Grid team @Berzelius went for one of his Gang Sign Leelas and @Icon went for his Reina.
I was very inspired by cpt_nice's Sunny masterclass and brought one of those lists to one of our meetups.
I ended up playing this Stargate version (a card I never installed the whole day), slotting in 1 White Hat (love it) and a SecTesting as it feels too good with DreamNet, cutting a Mad Dash and an Ice Carver.

Here's my corp deck for the event.


  • Round 1 against "S(weet)S(ixteen)L(adies) Endorsement" playing vs @ChaosIsMe on Gagarin.
    He keeps. His start seems good, he gets to fire 2 Rashidas in quick succession but ends up flooded like hell. I manage to keep his economy and his Lady Liberty down. He's unlucky because LL goes to two tokens and only then he draws into one of his False Leads. I manage to find points here and there (with an early SSL snipe too) and get up to 6 points.
    A timely DJFenris for Quetzal gets me through his Tithonium on HQ to get the last point.

  • Round 2 against "Dio Run", playing vs @Darta. He's a meta mate on Argus and we are on stream.
    We've played many times already, so we kinda know what to expect. I know the only ice I HAVE to break are Afshars, Border Controls and the single Archer, so Aumakua on 1 is enough. I find an early point on R&D that leads into a TBTF - Econ Warfare - HHN (he had like 4 cards in hand + mando). I manage to clear enough tags to survive a single HPT and keep up the pressure, managing to blindly run the Mausolus remote after he went install advance Atlas, always staying with 1 tag - 2 cards or 2 tags - 4 cards. After that steal he doesn't have much to do and has to kinda wait for agendas to show up, so I get to set up my board. I find the second Atlas from R&D and after some time eventually come up on top because of that.

  • Round 3 against "Spammers are not people" playing vs @sengir80 on Controlling The Message.
    I keep my hand with Citadel, draw 1 or 2 cards and find SecTesting. I know the game gets easier and I soon find the Sports Hopper. He plays the whole game with little to no money, I trash a couple DBSs and eventually find the points needed for the win. I don't think I got HHN'd the whole game. Lucky matchup and start for me.
    I also honestly don't remember much about it.

  • Round 4 vs "Max il bello e i belli dentro" vs @ardu on CTM again.
    Looks like Sunny was really a good choice huh?
    This time I start without citadel but manage to find 1 or 2 Pad Taps quickly, game looks closer than the one before. I think he couldn't manage to keep his econ down apart from a Daily Quest after a couple turns, but PadTaps make me kinda happy. I see a Bellona in hand thanks to White Hat and leave it there for a while, he manages to score 2 naked Beales, 1 very early and the second later on (I ran with 50% chance and found the MVT as always). A couple turns go by and I get into HQ through a 0 cost IP Block and find the Bellona.
    I play my current and find a 1 pointer a turn later.
    8 credits boost.
    The turn after that I find another one.
    9 credits boost.
    I'm playing with no breakers but Aumakua in hand and Nexus down. He gets a second ice on the remote (Gold Farmer out, Enigma in) and gets an agenda in. Sniffing it I drop Aumakua + SecChip and Mad Dash the remote for the win.

So there it is, Sunny goes 4-0 top minifaction and Turin City Grid ends up being winners for the second time in a row!
Tbf the guys from Dio Run were playing with 1 guy from home with the flu (on jnet) and ended up with just 2 points less than us, so things could have been waaaay different.

The event was great (as always) thanks to @Atien, @Porkobolo and @Darta who gathered prizes, arranged everything food-related and the venue.
In the end we managed to run the event with 9 teams (with a couple people playing from home on Jnet because of health issues) and we managed to solve the Bye issue by making the bottom 3 teams play against each other (2 from team A play vs 2 from team B and 2 from team C etc.)

Thanks everyone for being there and sharing another great experience.
GGs to my teammates for the wins and spectacular games.
Sorry to everyone watching from home for the stream issues, the magical tech fairies must've done their thing on my pc and the mic the night before.
I'll ask someone for help.

Always Be Running!

24 Feb 2020 Cpt_nice

Thanks for the shout-out and congrats on your strong showing!

3 Mar 2020 Saan

Glad to see you're not only still playing, but going strong =) Hopefully I'll get down to Italy again for a tournament again someday!

3 Mar 2020 Vortilion

@koga Nice list, enjoy playing it! One question though: What do you usually choose for DJ Fenris?

3 Mar 2020 koga

@Saan thank you! I hope I still hope I'll get to beat you one day :P

@Vortilion as always it's a matter of matchup. For example, against ASA combo Quetzal seems to do a great job as you can get through Hagen and Vanilla without Aumakua down, while against Argus I just never really installed it because it felt like a bad tempo hit and you only really need Aumakua on 1 counter to get through servers. You eat every damage and tag and kinda just get stopped by Hortum and Archer.
Overall I would say Quetzal, Reina and Los seem to be the ones that work best since the rotation of Steve Cambridge.