Code Gates for the Year 2020

tonybluehose 262

At first I wanted to do this in Cyber-Cypher until I realized that card exists only in my mind these days.

Definitely a first draft of a fun deck that is probably always Tier 2.5, but that's how I like my netrunner.

If ya'll have thoughts on how to make it more better, feel free to let me know.

For those wanting the quick quick version it's this: Knobkierie + Pelangi + Inversificator and then slam into R & D over and over again with R&D Interface

Guru to stay alive

Everything else is meant to keep the money flowing.

15 Feb 2020 NetrunningAmok

1x Psych Mike can be pretty good with RDI.

16 Feb 2020 tonybluehose

@NetrunningAmok, that's not a bad idea. The more to get more money, the better Kit can keep talking to her code gate friends. I haven't been using the Test Runs very much, so maybe 1x Test Run and then and 2x Psych Mike?

16 Feb 2020 Japoco

I think compile would be better than test run here - I’m guessing it’s mainly for pelangi / crypsis recursion?