what am I doing

martinimon 249

Made this with nothing really and mind, after not playing Netrunner for a couple of months. Had a lot of fun with this deck, felt wild to play. Somehow managed to place 3rd in a GNK using this runner. Nothing like facechecking Mushin No Shin installed cards, esepcially when you draw 3 during the corps turn and 1 when its yours, for free, you know since you have no money at the start of your turn too lose, Good thing Daily kicks up afterwards. Mystic helps get econ by playing things that will give you some money, and Trickster+datasucker to help break, assuming they rez, and you don't just DDOS them.

14 Feb 2020 PowerBunz

Why not 47 cards tho?

14 Feb 2020 martinimon

Oh it was 47 cards. I accidentally cut 1 making refinements.