Paramour Dowager

Algebraic 521

I built this deck quickly after deciding to play Netrunner before going to see Anna Meredith, which I felt matched up well with Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist and goes partway for explaining the deck name. I had seen Sunny playing Gachapon on although I can't remember who so, if you think that was you, then belated credit to you. Using these to power through the deck can quickly set up your drip economy engine and get you to your late-game earlier.

Other than that, I think this is just a good-stuff Sunny deck. I slotted one Direct Access as I was expecting a lot of Earth Station: SEA Headquarters and GameNET: Where Dreams are Real and with the draw in this deck, it's quite easy to find it repeatedly. Often it's the only card in your stack. However, I would be tempted to switch this over to Buffer Drive to help for the net damage match ups and possible a fourth Gachapon.

8 Feb 2020 Baa Ram Wu

A forth Gachapon - Perfect for when your first 2 totally whiff! ;)