Bouncy Castle

Pinkwarrior 2232

This obnoxious glacier deck mainly revolves around locking runners out with Cayambe Grid & Formicary. When the runner gets through the server they pay Cayambe Grid's tax then they gets a Formicary in the face once they pass that Cayambe fires again, and you may now rez another Formicary this tax has on many occasion kept out runners with well over 30 credits.

As blue Sun we get the option of resetting those Formicary's or letting Cayambe Grid put counters on them sometimes both when theirs multiple rez'd Formicary's.

Wall to Wall allows you to set-up for cayambe without having it down, Border Control allows a simular effect and tag's nicely with Timely Public Release.

Psychic Field helps protect Cayambe grid and screw with 419's. If it misses them then just rez it and put it back in your hand and threaten them with it for the rest of the game. If it hits however you can kill them with the 1 off Neural EMP.

Punitive Counterstrike for another kill option but packing Neural means you don't need to massively out money the runner and can get round things like I've Had Worse.

Lastly but by know mean least we come to Localized Product Line I Packed this in a neutral only version of the deck for Trace 5's league and fell in love with it, It dose so much work for the list it had to find room in the main version. Main use is to get all the Formicary's or the Cayambe Grid, but it can do so much more i've used it to get all my Building Blocks and spam Orion for 3 turns in a row, I've used it to get Mass Commercialization. and one game to go get all my Punitive Counterstrike's as i had non in hand (note the neutral version runs 2x Punitive's) and I've used it to get all my Border Control's