La Costa Carnosa v3.0

GingercredMan 31

Embrace variance! With Vanity Project you can win or lose the game in a moment.

Scoring a city works is usually pretty straightforwards. Most of the deck is tooled towards a variety of combos which you can use to either fast advance or never advance a Vanity Project.

The 44 deck size lets you run a measly 5 agenda suite with Fast Track tipping the variance in your favour. La Costa and your ID ability allow you to slow roll advancements onto Reconstruction Contract to set up various combos.

You can fast advance Vanity from hand with a two advancements on RC and a Dedication. Score using Fast Track and Dedication with three advancements on RC. Score from hand with two Dedication and an RC on the board. Never advance using Red Planet. You can even IAA it with La Costa if an opportunity comes up.

6 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Needs Wall to Wall for sure.

6 Feb 2020 GingercredMan

@Skandrino Definitely agree. What would you cut to make space?

7 Feb 2020 hemraa

I reckon you could drop 1-2 IPO and 1-2 ice for Wall to Walls.