Safety Alice

Henader 33

Non-Apoc Alice deck with draw engine taken from Adam. Safety First has a great synergy with Patchwork!

New additions to this deck are following:

  • Buffer Drive, which is fantastic in supporting Patchwork econ, and has a nice side effect of being a shield against 1000 cuts decks
  • Gachapon, which acts usually as a 4th Safety First or Patchwork

Basic game plan consists of mulliganning for Safety First/Patchwork and then relentless pressure on centrals. Wanton, Stargate, regular Alice Archive runs. A lot of triple cards can act as an Patchwork fodder, so once Patchwork is online just sell all that is not needed.

Human First and Archives interface are the cards that I enjoy, but possibly could be swapped for something else.

Have fun!

5 Feb 2020 Saan

It seems like you'd draw more cards if you went -3 Safety First, -3 Sports Hopper, -1 Archives Interface, -1 Human First, -1 Gachapon, +3 Diesel, +3 Earthrise Hotel, +3 Career Fair. That way you get to have a hand size of 5, rather than 3 (relevant vs anyone trying to kill with Net damage or HPT, or trying to keep you from stealing Obokatas), while also getting rid of several cards you don't really need. You also don't have to drop to 2 cards in hand each turn in order to get your card.

Hopper is 3 cards for 3 creds, which is a bad trade, while Diesel is 3 cards for no creds. Earthrise is 6 cards for 4 credits, possibly reduced by Career Fairs (or Patchwork). This also gets rid of potential dead draws with Safety First #2 and 3. I know there's no true dead draws with Patchwork decks (once Patchy is out, at least), but you can always pitch a Diesel or Earthrise away for 2 credits on Patchwork as well, if you really want to.

6 Feb 2020 Henader

Thanks for your comment, I might try it out and compare :)

Safety First forces a certain consistency of draw coupled with additional incentive to play cards. This means that there is no need to spend almost any credits or resources to upkeep the flow of cards (I will address Hopper in a second), but rather to keep your deck flowing all the time.

Hoppers are not used in this deck to trade 3 credits for 3 cards. Almost always they are installed with a Patchwork discount and often used on a sitautional need (to steal the Obokata, protect from the Punitive, shield from potential Junebug/Snare - etc). It is true that Earthrise draws more cards than Hoppers, but the usage of trash ability is what made me chose Hopper in this instance.

11 Feb 2020 corbeil93

I was wondering, how do you manage glacier deck with your breakers. I usef to play thoses breaker, but MKultra and Black Orchestra are so expensive to use.