Exchange of Information + Vacheron = Love

Murse 51

Proof of concept deck that I have been trying out. Ideally, Project Vacheron gives you more time to land a SEA Sourceor Prisec tag while concurrently being a fantastic target for Exchange of Information.

The deck is upgrade heavy to allow for never advance play that triggers your Tranquility Home Grid. This started as an Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance deck, but I feel like the money gained via Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home might be necessary to keep the credit buffer you need for SEA Source.

Warroid Tracker is here to pull double duty as protection vs Stargate as well as protecting your upgrades. The interaction with Mumbad Virtual Tour does a decent impression of NBN: Controlling the Message as well.

Overseer Matrix is in contention in this deck as a source of protection vs Apocalypse, but I'd probably have to cut the Resistors that I would like to keep for their low rez cost, and ability to help if the runner goes tag me.

Any feedback would be VERY appreciated.

3 Feb 2020 Rahrhino

I had actually been thinking about this today! I thin you have inspired me to try building something as well -->

4 Feb 2020 Murse

@Rahrhino like the list! How have you found Assassin to be? You made me realize that it's probably at the best place that it has been in years.