Slippery Slope (3rd at Spanish Nationals)

vesper 188

(My Runner deck was @Tradon's Apoc Val build with -1 Hacktivist Meeting and +1 Traffic Jam), as I expected asset spam and glacier that had to be dismantled at the right times - it did well enough, given my non-competitive approach to tournaments) giphy.gif
"Oooh, you're a bad, bad person" - @pspacekitten handling player registration (and the whole tournament as a Judge, like the champ she is)

"Can you tell me how did you manage to make 1st in Swiss with this 54-card POS deck?" - sample competitor quote from the Top Cut before their Runner got a bit unlucky and died turn 2. ¯\(ツ) (come to B-Com 3 to hear the story!)
(The answer to that question is: a 1st round bye - thank you, - and a split, a sweep, and opponents willing to ID for two consecutive rounds).

The deck name is definitely the most important part of this design and is very fitting for several reasons:

  • It's based on @Longi's They always slip. If the Runner makes mistakes, they pay dearly.
  • It is a slippery slope for the Corp as well - if the Runner manages to set up, not do anything silly, and stop you from successfully jamming agendas in order to win by points instead of a kill, you will most likely not win. Gotta be fast!
  • I came up with the idea of playing 54 card Argus while under the shower, around 90 minutes before the tournament started. No, I did not slip, but that was a possibility - just like winning or losing a game with this deck is.

You want the Runner to run, pay for all the wrong reasons (breaking ice or going on expensive tourist trap tours, and hopefully suffer the consequences (by either flatlining them or scoring out when they're low on credits or cards in hand). Confuse them, by giving them the chance to steal the right agendas at the wrong times. Make them wonder if you have the kill ready or just not yet. Be a Corp! Be the Corp.

The ice and Crisium Grid are meant to make Runners with an interest in astronomy and an affinity for recycling think twice. All the other cards are either money, cards, threats or sheer audacity. Good ol' Weyland.

I had a great time at the event and would like to thank all my opponents for being there, and everyone else for participating and/or organizing. Congrats to @pviz for a well-earned victory and... see you at Spanish Nationals 2020! I hear it might be a Different Kind of National Championship™.

3 Feb 2020 Longi

Oh, what a lovely variation on Argus. Silly me, when I thought that the Argus core could not be perfected anymore! Good job, congrats on the results and kudos for finding another way how to make the runner slip :D

5 Feb 2020 vesper

@LongiThank you for the kind words :-) I wouldn't say it's been perfected in this case, but it was definitely fun to confuse opponents with this build. All hail Weyland!