Towarzyska Val

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So you've got this lovely little word 'towarzysz' in Polish, meaning both 'comrade' (that's what the title under communist regime was) and 'companion' (that's how the word was translated to PL in Decipher's LotR TCG, for instance).

Hence the 'towarzyska' Val, based on Crithitd20's 'Comrades Val' (that is no Val lol) having some companions to help her.

The adjective 'towarzyska' means 'outgoing'/'people person': of course, as she goes out to run a lot and meet new people :)

link to Crithitd20's list

The deck is a strange mixture made for a GNK to test some new cards. Spoiler: it went 1-3 and I had a first-round bye, so Greyfield's Azmari deck carried me.

Took some notes from Greg's original description, imported the whole thing to Val, yelled 'to hell with Diesels!' and started changing things. The turtle had to go as I expected AI hate. At some point I had a single DoF but that's just too much (or rather too much of an inf expense on a singleton). Anyway, Earthrise and Career Fair were also included for some time to have a decent draw. CF is quite good when you have the resources and no Gachapon - however, Earthrise is no Virtual so had to go.

I settled on 2xBoomerang and 2xKhusyuk, spending the 2 inf for a third copy of either of them on Misdirection instead and packing some swiss-army Deuces, already lacking the draw, apart from false-drawing Gachapon.

Play of the day: the turn after being HHN-ed I had Misdirection in hand, around 2c in the credit pool and a full Liberated on the table. An experienced ANR player would know what to do. I drew a card first click.

Notes to self:

Boomerang shines in every list. It's easy to import and actually compliments Conspiracy Breakers pretty nicely.

DreamNet might be the first to cut - it drew some cards, Gachapon can install it and makes Khusyuk work but without Digital/2 link is not as good.

Scarcity of Resources kills you. I had a nice opponent who, after playing Scarcity, left R&D open for me to steal an agenda to deny the current but it was extremely lucky, as after the game it was confirmed the game was in HQ at that point.

Paladin/Keiko are probably the only companions you need.

27 Jan 2020 Stoned44

u have my like ;)

27 Jan 2020 boreira

gave a heart for boomerang, still would consider better draw but not sure how anarch does it nowadays

27 Jan 2020 g4rr3t

Didn't expect that misdirection taking a slot here! Gotta respect that.