B&B Hoshiko (1 Core + Ashes)

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5N00P1 639

I run this on a 1x Core + Ashes GNK in Berlin and it went 0 - 1 - 1 as we played 5 rounds of swiss in a one sided tournament together wtih my Earth Station build that performed much better.
Hoshiko builds herself almost itself and I took her as I wanted to play a new ID and drow and econ are never bad. So the Companion package was a no brainer, together with Earthrise Hotel, DreamNet & Gachapon for draw. I decided to include something against assets but against Fencer Fueno maybe a mistake? But sometimes you can't trash something.
I decided to go the non trashing way with Chisel so I included more econ Rezeki, Bravado & Boomerang which breaks for cheap and with Paladin Poemu & Keiko is installed for free.
Direct Access is my spice, as it blanks the IDs I feared most, Earth Station: SEA Headquarters & Jinteki: Replicating Perfection while it does nothing to me.
It was fun playing it, but both games did not end in time. In one game I run HQ last click with 2 Bellona in hand out of 3 and wiffed for a draw. While in the next one I got a timed lose with 5 to 6 points. So I think it's stronger as the performance might indicate.
It might be worth to try Fencer Fueno and maybe run 3x Keiko and depending on your matchups maybe Femme Fatale instead of Direct Access.