Now You See Me... (Rework of "Smoke and Dagger")

Black Hat Madman 15

I'm not sure how well this deck would do in an actual setting, but I'm glad I didn't need to completely gut my Smoke deck after the rotation. In the end, I only lost five cards: Astrolabe, Switchblade, Clone Chip, Cloak and Feedback Filter. Akamatsu Mem Chip, though, might be replaced by Cyberdelia for the extra credits.

Anyways, changes from the original. First, Switchblade is gone, so I replaced it with Afterimage. It might not be as powerful as Switchblade and a bit more expensive in terms of influence, but it has a bit more utility. First, it has a once-per-turn Stealth Femme effect for sentries. Second, it doesn't get as much of a bump when you increase it (+2 instead of +7), but it starts at 2 strength. Furthermore, it doesn't need another Stealth credit to break subroutines.

Second, Career Fair is gone. With Afterimage taking Switchblade's place, and Feedback Filter being replaced by Guru Davinder, I had to cut some influence, and it was the easiest to trim out.

Third, Astrolabe has been replaced by Supercorridor. It hurt to say goodbye to what I considered my signature console, but I can work with Supercorridor. I'll give it a try for a while and see how it works out for me.

Fourth, Cloak has been replaced by Mantle. As a Stealth program that allows you to fire off hardware as well as programs, this might become a more frequent addition in my Runner decks. In addition, I'm not limited to only my icebreakers to fire it off; I can now pay for SMC and Misdirection from my pool, Net Mercur or this. All in all, I'm all right with Cloak being gone.