Rags to Riches Movie Star Success Story

Brogue Leader 65

Or: How to score 7 points in one turn from 0 credits.

Step 1: Rush an Oaktown as fast as possible.

Step 2: Start charging up an MCA Austerity Policy

Step 3: Acquire the following turn start board state:

  • 2 counters on MCAAP, Success in hand, Hollywood Renovation in hand, Vanity Project in hand

Step 4: Get successful. Basic combo below - extra clicks from Biotic Labor and/or a 3 counter MCAAP used for Fast Track or Consulting Visit for Success:

  1. Click MCA Austerity Policy

  2. Gain 4 clicks from MCA Austerity Policy

  3. Install Hollywood Renovation

  4. Install Vanity Project

  5. (also costing clicks 6 and 7) Play Success, forfeiting Oaktown

  • Jemison triggers, placing 3 advancement tokens on Hollywood Renovation

  • Success advances (like, actually really "advances", it's the only card effect in the game which does this) Hollywood Renovation 4 times

  • Each of the Success advancements triggers Hollywood Renovation to place a total of 6 advancement tokens on Vanity Project (2 of them are doubled by Hollywood's parenthetical text)

  • Score both and win (NOTE: If you're against Leela, make sure you score the Vanity Project first, because she can't bounce Hollywood)

Obligatory meme:

Screw the money I have rules

You have a CVS for Clot as well I guess.

If your remote is reasonably secure and you've drawn the Biotic but not MCAAP, you can install Vanity Project a turn early bluffed as a Rashida/Tech Startup, then play Biotic, install Hollywood, play Success next turn. To date this combo variant is the only time this deck has won, but tbf I never said it was good, and I've only played it twice.

EDIT: It won its third game, this time with the standard combo, on turn 9. I'm not gonna update every time I play it but now I can say 67% win record on JNet. Should have published when it was 100%.

Another version you could try is 2x Biotic, 1x MCAAP, 3x Tech Startup, 1x Archived Memories (to recur the MCAAP if it gets trashed), or lose all the MCAAPs and Tech Startups for 3x Biotic and a spare influence (or 2x Biotic, 1x Localised Product Line, and 2 spare influence), plus whatever else you feel like filling the space. My gut and some Quick Maths says this 3x MCAAP, 1x Biotic version is probably the more consistent version though.

Have fun with this dumb jank.

And I don't know why it's marked as a pre-rotation list, it's not, and all the card versions are correct as far as I can see :/