Argus that stopped the Huns (5-0 at Hungarian Nationals)

mildesorte10 337

This is the Argus that helped me „Stop the Huns“ at the Hungarian Nationals. It went undefeated (5-0). The core of the deck is the same that we took to German Nationals (see the deck They always slip by @longi
As we knew some of the good Hungarian players will be on Geist we decided with @longi to tech it a bit against Boomerang. We replaced two Survivors and Hortum with two Spiderwebs and a second Winchester. I would like to thank the Hungarian guys for organization of the event and for the effort they put into the special prices. They were really cool!

20 Jan 2020 percomis

Congrats man and thank you for always coming to our tournaments ❤️

20 Jan 2020 Necro

Well done! The Huns are a bit sad, but it's fine :D

20 Jan 2020 fgcsem4n

Congrats man! Always fun to play against you :)

25 Jan 2020 Ra1dy

What did play as Runner?

27 Jan 2020 mildesorte10

@Ra1dy Apo Valencia Thak you Hungarian’s guys, always love to come 😊