Wonderful SSO

deleriad 104

This deck went 2-1 in a 9 person GNK but the loss was to Seamus playing ICEdestruction Shiro so I don't blame it for that. In the era of Boomerang and Devil Charm, SSO's high-strength ICE rolls over and dies.

It includes Divested Trust instead of Hostile Takeover to help with the Punitive Counterstrike plan. In reality all they do is betray you, compromise your economy and make it harder to rush out.

The deck does live or die based on an early City Works Project: one of the best feelings in Netrunner is letting your City Works bake there for 5 turns advancing all your ICE. One of the worst feelings is seeing the runner install a Film Critic.

Cayambe Grid has some value if the game goes long. Argus Crackdown has occasionally been useful in turning on a Punitive threat, especially if you need to score a Hollywood Renovation slowly. It would probably be better as more money.

14 influence because 15 Influence is a crutch.