This is just a Congress deck with extra steps.

mo0man 332

Just a deck with nothing but drip, and ice trashing and recursion.

Plus Gachapon cause it's broken. I figure this will actually set up faster than old Congress decks because of this one card. Also because you don't need Rabbit Holes.

Utae & Odore vs MK & Blorc seems entirely a meta call, based on popular ice choices.

Mining Accident is probably too greedy, but this is a first draft, and thus it'll be on the greedier end. Switching them out of IHW is probably a good idea. Oh well.

As always, not too proud to beg for likes cause I'm out of deck slots again.

17 Dec 2019 arieli61

Really like your idea of using Gachapon for faster setup of dripping economy! Will try to use it in Sunny.