Hooked on Memenemonics

pj20 1434

Memes make dreams

Do you love having as many cards on the table with one advancement as possible? Do you love killing people? What about scoring 7 points in one turn?


While it's definitely meme-y, this deck is surprisingly strong and fun to play. The general game plan is to just use the ID 2-3 times per turn, let everything stew and make the runner check everything while risking death.

Mushin all the things. Failed trap? Back Channels it for $$$$. Mass Comm gets out of control in a hurry.

Sometimes the best play is just let them steal an Obo and then Punitive them. Most of my wins/kills were due to having a Ronin (advanced or not) on the board and then Dedication Ceremony for the easy kill after they steal an Obo or Fetal and can't draw up enough (Genetics helps).

Another fun thing is playing the shell game, where you Saraswati multiple things out, and then the next turn advance them all again. Repeat as necessary. Traps or agendas, you'll make them guess, or more likely they'll be too scared to run the 3-advanced things and you can just score out. Clones gets you that crucial 7 point.