Asa - Amani's still annoying (3-0, 1st at Kiel GNK)

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lostgeek 1128

Exclusive footage of me playing this deck:

Going way too fast

The World's winning Asa deck is a wonderful shell to base all sorts of weird decks upon. This list plays around with a lot of tempo and some very weird scoring patterns.

The base combo is Bioroid Work Crew + Red Level Clearance which even does work, if you use the latter to install the former. Often the BWC already is somewhere on the board though and you can use RLC to draw into your agenda or do all sort of wonky plays. The greatest of which allow you to just gamble on the fact that you'll be drawing a fair amount of the rest of your R&D to for example score a GFI out of R&D:

  • Assuming: Jeeves on the board (preferably iced)
  • Click 1: Fully Operational to draw into GFI and maybe some missing cards
  • Click 2: RLC to gain click and install BWC, use BWC to install GFI
  • Click 3: Biotic Labor, gain Jeeves click
  • Click 4: Audacity
  • Click 5-7: Advance and score

Vitruvius tokens are incredibly powerful and can do all sorts of things ranging from boosting your econ and tempo with Fully Operational to just brute-forcing a GFI score by reusing a Biotic.