iPod Shuffle - Mythic Asa

pj20 1344

This was the deck I played at US Nationals. I also played Asa Group at last year’s Nats and it went well, so I wanted to try my hand at keeping the “click denial” aspect of the deck and update it for current cards.

The deck is called iPod Shuffle, both as a homage to my “Jukebox” deck from last year, and also because with Mythic ice + more than 1 grid, there tends to be a lot of “shuffling”.

Card Choices:

Ice: All Mythic ice suite + Border Control – my bet was that not all Runners would have sufficient answers to break MoGo / Loki, and even if they do you have ways to stop them or score out while they find the answers.

The ideal ice placement is MoGo on the remote, Loki on HQ or R&D and then Excalibur/Border Control on the other central. Depending on what type of AI they have will determine which is which. Having a CVS in the bin can effectively shut down Turtle as well.

Rime was amazing for a few things… DDoS, Inside Job are worthless if you can get a Rime on the outside in front of your MoGo. Rime messes with turtle & Atman math as well. It can also prevent a Hippo of a Border Control if you have Rime on the outside.

Border Control paired with Mythic is pretty sweet. Some cool encounters are letting an Excalibur Fire and then ETR w Border Control so they can’t run again. Or if they use a Pelangi counter to break Mogo and you have a BC behind it so you can ETR and they can’t use Pelangi again.

Upgrades: The Jinja’s accelerate your ice installs and allow for an Asa trigger of key upgrades which is very nice click compression. Crisium is for the key run events and Apoc. Cyberdex is for stuffing Turtle and Pelangi. Mason Bellamy is a great way to close out games if you have an ELP out or they need to steal an Ikawah. Calibration Testing in Asa is sweet with Project Vitruvius, as you can install the PV, Asa the Calibration and score it from hand (basically a Biotic Labor) or you just install advance a 5/3 and use the other click to do something else. Embolus was the last piece of “getting the lockout” if you put it behind the Excalibur (or in the remote) if they are relying on Turtle.

Card draw: the clearances are great with Jinja and getting through your deck, as well as money sometimes. Rashida has the same effect.

ELP: always a favorite of mine, it’s the star when you’re making the runner do click math as well as credit math for trying to steal agendas. It also helps with Apoc and farming Turtle counters.

Overall, the deck was really fun to play, the biggest issue was not the runners having answers to the Mythic suite, but more that I didn’t have enough money in certain games to rez all the key things I needed. Diversion of Funds stopped me cold in 2 games, and Wanton Destruction was a problem as well. If I had found my Crisiums earlier maybe I would have done better.