Whose Agenda Is It Anyway? (3-0 NYC GNK, 8-0 overall)

Shiiuga 1193

Welcome to Whose Agenda Is It Anyway? The deck where the points are all made up and the agendas don't matter!

This is an evolution of skry's Real Fake Points deck from a few months ago. Like his original, this deck went 3-0 at a NYC GNK and is also undefeated in 5 games on JNet.

There's not a whole lot to say that wasn't said in the original writeup but here are the main changes:

  • The agenda suite has been shuffled a little to include Megaprix Qualifier. Megaprix is bonkers good in Sports decks. It increases the total number of points available to you to score by 2 without giving a boost to the runner. This means that 22 are available for your use while they only get 17 thanks to GFI.

  • I traded the Stock Buy-Backs for some IP Blocks and Slot Machines. They're good cards, Bront. the IP Blocks are definitely flex slots though and I can see dropping them for one Stock Buy-Back and maybe some Meridians or Seidr Adaptive Barriers. I honestly forgot Meridian existed until this moment so.

  • Other ICE changes were because the deck felt a little porous. I ditched the FC2 for Gatekeepers to give a solid ETR just in case you need to score behind a gearcheck if they aren't taking your News Teams for some reason (I'm looking at you, Liza players). Seidr would also help with this.

  • Sherlock 2.0 is still a bad card so I didn't include it.

It's beaten a gamut of decks so far. At the GNK it beat OnTheNightRain's Adam, tcody's MaxX (even after he milled 10 cards or something off my deck) and Ryan's Freedom. Online it has beaten Liza, another Adam and some others I can't remember.

It always feel like it has game, even when you're up against the wall a bit. You can feed them agendas early and use the Game Changer plan to score out. In one game at the GNK I even used a Game Changer to score a GFI out of hand to get 5 points, clicked for credits for a couple of turns and then used an Archived to get another GC and score the Vitruvius in hand for the win.