Matchup 3: PPVP Kate v Fastrobiotics (Le Classique)

3N1GM4 259

What Your Deck Does

This is the definitive fast advance deck. You have six 3/2 agendas, multiple ways to score them out of hand, and once you score an AstroScript Pilot Program it gets easier to score the next one. Play assets to speed up your draw, find the cards that you need and give the runner something to worry about. Your ice is taxing and cheap, but won’t keep the runner out indefinitely.

Cards to Mulligan For

Hedge Fund or Sweeps Week, at least one ice, SanSan City Grid, AstroScript Pilot Program.

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

You need to be aggressive because the runner’s late game is better than yours. Ideally your first agenda score will be from the table behind ice before the runner has set-up enough to challenge you; don’t rely on fast advance for all seven points if you can help it. If the runner isn’t checking your face down remotes you can even score from the table, but that’s a high-risk strategy. Although your preference is to score an AstroScript Pilot Program don’t wait to draw one before starting to score; if you’ve drawn a Project Beale or NAPD Contract and think you can score it then go for it.

In the mid game you’re likely to need to use the threat of SanSan City Grid and Shipment from SanSan to make Clot harder to use. Your first piece of ice will generally go on R&D, but your second should go on a remote to help defend a SanSan or an early agenda. Try to put taxing but permeable ice on R&D and hard gear checks like Wraparound and Tollbooth on the remote.

31 Oct 2019 sirris

No snare.


18 Nov 2019 scd

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