Bioroid brotherhood 3.4

Aube88 45

Daily Quest is the nicest bait for your ID.

29 Oct 2019 tonybluehose

Went 1-0 with this deck! More reporting later ;)

10 Nov 2019 Aube88

Cool ;) I'm actually getting very good results with it !

18 Nov 2019 tonybluehose

Update! 10 games in, have a 70% win rate. Right now it's my go-to "play around" deck when I just want to jam games but make the games "kinda even." (I guess).

It feels like a really fair deck, until the game heads into the mid to late game, which at that point it is so expensive to make runs that the runner can only tunnel into one server. I've found that they tend to just leave the remote alone after turn 9 or 10 and just focus on R and D.

Not sure how this will stand up to some of the meta-competitive decks at the moment, but it is a blast to play and rezzing robot after robot just feels so good.