Damon's Last Ride

presheaf 560


Update: currently 55-19 for a 74% winrate

This deck is a slightly tweaked version of an earlier deck I posted. The core combo of the deck is still using Mason Bellamy with basically any subset of (Border Control, Heinlein Grid, Ikawah Project) to create "unbeatable" remotes.

Since I posted this deck, I cut a piece of ice, an Archived Memories and an agenda for 3x Lateral Growth. These have been really good, especially with the second change: swapping BLC for VLC. I've no excuse for not doing this before, I just kinda forgot that VLC wasn't banned. In combination, Lateral Growth and VLC allow you to efficiently empty your hand and refill it. It's very tempting to put in some AAL too for even more of this effect.

I also generally made the ice slightly less expensive. There are a lot of money cards in here, but as your gameplan sometimes involves putting 3 pieces of ice on the remote, you also spend it fast. Drawing a ton and filling HQ up with agendas doesn't help either. For this reason, Vanilla is pretty good. Nice as an early gearcheck, but also pretty good late when you need a 3rd Mason trigger to put on the remote, and something like Hagen would be too expensive.

Overall, I think I'm slightly more confident in this deck than I used to be. It's definitely kinda reliant on a good draw, but with no Jackson I feel that's just Netrunner right now. I think if I could figure out the Apocalypse matchup (I think the deck has the cards for it with Border Control and Mason, but I've yet to reliably do so, so I'm probably too optimistic) it might legitimately become a good deck, but currently I can't, and good players trying to Apocalypse me generally win.