Cyber Brain J4nk

bovinepro 44

So. It's a brain damage deck. Is it easy to win with this deck? No. Is it fun? OH YEAH. There is no feeling more satisfying in the world than having a runner face-check your Mushin-no-Shin'd Cerebral Overwriters and ragequit. If they refuse to run the Cerebral, place a shell corporation over it and never click for credits again! Other notable combos with this deck include Brainchips + Marcus Batty. The runner will run thinking all is well and that they can break. Let them get past the ICE, than fire off Marcus Batty and let the dice decide how many credits to spend. Fire off 2 brain damage every time this happens with Defective Brain Chips! Often a sound strategy will be to place Self Destruct Chips on the table, bluffing it as a Rashida or NGO and then scoring it on turn 2 or 3, bringing their handsize down to 3. Now all you need to do is land a NEXT! Wave brain damage or a couple battys and their handsize will quickly shrink to 0. Kuwinda is included as a 1-of to tax the runner with traces and force them to waste time and money running and trashing him (usually paying for his singleton ICE as well). Sometimes the runner will simply ignore Kuwinda and try to speed thru R/D or your hand, which is perfect since it will drain them of credits at least or at worst fire off bringing you one damage closer to victory. Fire off your Neural EMP once hand size reaches 0 and call it a game!

21 Aug 2019 bovinepro

May want to consider dropping Preemptive Action and Team Sponsorship for a cerebral and another shell corporation, but that is all personal preference.