Sandburg Glacier Hyoubu - Featuring Binder fodder

x3r0h0ur 8718

I can't stop building Sandburg decks right now, here is the latest in a not-commonly played ID. I tried to pack in some synergies, and some fun stuff, and it actually has a fair record on the table and online. Probably far from optimal, but....its fun.

You can control the flow of things into your hand with bamboo dome and attitude adjustment, getting reveal bonuses on those effects.

Gene splicers are typically targets for counters from the Psi ice, for free points or a tax if the runner doesn't want you to have those points, but can also be bait for runs and stimhack. This also enables you to play agendas as NA sometimes rather than shedding them with attitude adjustment. You can get a bit of a shell game going sometimes, in addition to the the glaciery playstyle that comes up if you can hold assets on the board and get sandburg online.

Keep your interactive ice on the outside on HQ and RND to stop TTW farming (with Sandburg online this is a common runner strategy to try to win).

Keep NASX on the board until you can fire a big fully operational and then crack the NASX to power up Sandburg, always worth it.

If you don't care much about the flow of agendas, running a corporate town or archer are good uses for gene splicers that you get scored via the ice (if you dont need them for your scoring pattern). I found the archers unnecessary in my testing.

Uh, enjoy?