I sacked a Government Takeover, Top 15.5 Reading Regional

Cliquil 1141

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Because even the Government itself is merely a tool in the right hands

This was the corp deck I took took the Reading Regional 2019. I have been playing Jemison on and off for a while and I always have more fun playing it than playing other IDs.

I have been very fond of creating the fork of

If you run my remotes you might suddenly die unexpectedly vs. If you don't run my remotes you might die unexpectedly through Armed Intimidation etc.

If you're unfamiliar with the Jemison nonsense in particular it is simply to, after a runner has committed to accessing a Junebug, find a way of adding more advancement counters through some kind of agenda sacrifice - through an upgrade or asset in a separate server. Some try to also do this with False Lead but I've never been a fan of that because you have to play False Lead.

If you play False Lead you might not have room for excellent agendas.

Like Vanity Project.

Anyway I decided to make the threat that I would score out and win. The results were pleasing but I suspect I might find a murder version more consistent.

The agenda suite was the biggest weirdness. Did you know there is a maximum agenda point limit for a decksize?

I discovered this when building this deck. I was, of course, outraged that I was forced into 54 cards.

I wanted to have something that I could score no matter how many counters I put on a Plan B, or whatever boardstate I had set up. In the end this became a less significant part of my plan & plans but it explains the rather odd agenda suite. In the end I did end up using the Vanity Project, Government Takeover & SSL but I think it lacked a coherence and made runs against my R&D sometimes very sweat

The Prisec was rubbish, as was the Plan B really. Mother Goddess was also a tad rubbish.


On the day:

R1 vs Leela.

I always hate the Leela matchup but I got left alone on the remotes enough that I was able to turn a single advanced Government Takeover into a scored government takeover with the benefit of a couple of Dedication Ceremonies & a Reconstruction Contract. Terrifyingly I am told this Leela had a Turntable they did not draw. They did in fact miss a Vanity Project in HQ they deserved to steal based on the maths but sometimes the Gods of Jank are on your side.

A turn or two later I installed a server of Oberth Protocol and a Junebug. My opponent ran and I, yes,

sacrificed an entire Government to get my own way 14 Net Damage later and I've won

R2 vs Leela

COOL ANOTHER LEELA GUESS I'LL GET MY STUFF BOUNCED. Another Junebug kill. On this occasion there was a bit of an agenda drought and my opponent poked a remote when they seemed bored of centrals. Sacked an Atlas to add 3 counters that was too much for them

R3 vs. Beth

Early game scored out a Vanity Project with Mushin and a stare down Ooops they stole the Government Takeover off R&D. Guess this could be bad. I might still be able to... Ooops there's the SSL. Well, you live by the Government Takeover you die by it

R4 vs Leela

Another Junebug kill. This time it was an SSL and using the Quarantine System to murder them

R5 vs Beth

Scored out a Government Takeover on the table because my opponent didn't want to risk a Junebug getting more counters from a Standoff and they didn't want to lose the cards they had. Then it was just a matter of finding a Hostile which I did.

I want to just add my own thanks to my opponents and to Johno for running an excellent tournament .... as always

30 Jun 2019 TyrellCorp

Please tell me you clicked for 3 credits a few times in R5

30 Jun 2019 Cliquil

And R1 too before it got sacked. And yes, I nearly just clicked for a credit before remembering.

And yes, they had Pad Taps both times....

30 Jun 2019 paulyg

Excellent write-up and very cool and creative deck! Somewhat glad I didn't have to face this down :D

30 Jun 2019 Quarg

Never change Guy. Never change.

1 Jul 2019 Cliquil

Thanks @paulyg!

I have tried and failed to repearedly @Quargso I think this is just who I am now.

1 Jul 2019 x3r0h0ur

I find it very odd you didn't include a lady liberty? Given the agenda variety, seems like getting her online just lets you roll them out.

1 Jul 2019 Cliquil


The deck never really has a remote worth much as most protection goes on centrals. And the deck runs too poor to take the 5 credit hit.

That said I think a lady liberty could fit into the right jemison build & I think it could be a cool addition to a solid 1 remote build. Bio vault jemisin type builds perhaps?