orbweaver (1st Swiss/4th Louisville Regional)

stoppableforce 575

Started with @janktivist's deck, reverted some changes, added in some improvements to the original inspiration for Jon's deck by @Frost, and then decided to play Mad Dash as a unicorn on some last-minute inspiration from @aunthemod. It's a melange of cards, for sure.

Props to Whistleblower, which - yeah, I know, it's not Film Critic - doesn't help you evade Punitive but it does help you steal whatever that One Problematic Agenda (or sometimes two) is in each faction: Obokata, Ikawah, SDS, City Works, Future Perfect, Degree Mill. And if you're stargating it, you can see it in advance. That was the theory, anyway. In reality, I rarely had time to Stargate and sniped just as many agendas out of remotes with the aid of Stimhack and ridiculous shaper bullshit. I didn't regret having them, but might drop to one in the future. That's another card I wouldn't have looked at without @aunthemod trying it in a much less conventional deck all week, so thanks again.

On the day:

  • Round 1: bye
  • Round 2: beat SSO, but it was kind of one-sided since it took forever for the first agenda to show up, giving me plenty of time to build without feeling pressured to steal. Whistleblower to steal City Works on a Mad Dash out of the remote was the MVP.
  • Round 3: ID, but I then played (eventual champion) @janktivist in a couple casual games on stream and 2-0'd him. That'll teach me.
  • Top cut round 1: Flatlined vs. @x3r0h0ur by stimhacking into a remote and encountering the Gene Splicer, then dying to my own brain damage. Drugs are bad, kids.
2 Jun 2019 CodeMarvelous

This looks really good. I was doing something very similar on stream last week.

2 Jun 2019 Janktivist

ID'ing round 3 was, by far, the smartest thing I did on the day. This deck is better than mine by a lot. I didn't even think about Mad Dash over FC as the unicorn, and, since I never play Shaper, I somehow forgot about Lady (going with Corroder instead???). Congrats on making the cut; what a great tourney!

7 Jun 2019 Sokka

Seeing as your Round 3 casual games was on stream I’m pretty sure the people on stream would have caught this, I’d be extremely surprised if nobody caught this, but you Rebirthed into CT to support the Na’Not’K MU cost and then used your non-existent Kabonesa ability to find both Engolo and Stargate. Seems like with 2x Rejig and 3x Scavenge, Rebirth is probably not worth the slot in this deck as shown by the above misplay