Stretch Goals Adam [Undefeated* 5-0 at SoS]

OnTheNightrain 149

This is the deck I piloted to top mini faction at Sovereign of Subways beating RP, Mirrormorph, Titan, NEH and Spark on the day. I add an asterisk to undefeated because I should have lost to spark but my opponent forgot to trash citadel sanctuary allowing me to pop it and prevent a Boom.

I've been playing E-Strike Adam for a while and when it was banned my team suggested Crowdfunding which is definitely worth the influence. I made space for it by dropping Liberated Accounts and the switch allowed for a lot more aggression since the deck has so much drip economy. In the late game the multithreaders are great to bolster your engine once you've probably pitched one to Emergent Creativity for Engolo or Aumakua. During the week I spent a lot of time talking to my teammates about teching for rigshooter which resulted in +1 reclaim and + 1 interdiction for -1 stimhack and -1 deuces but I didn't face one rigshooter all day. Interdiction and Citadel could probably be something else but not sure what.

Adam is great because he forces you to do smart things. Not sure what to do? Run HQ for the extra access. Unsure if you should trash that card? Too bad, you have to. Overall strategy is try to get some drip going and engolo and start face checking ice when you have 7 credits or more. Try to spend 2 clicks on setup, run third click and if you see an agenda on top of R&D go for it on click 4. As you get setup you can get more aggressive but make sure you are aggressive early.

Lastly I just want to give a shout out to my team Bioroid Rage as we went from last place last year to 3rd this year. I used my scorched earth prize mat from last year as my mat this year and I guess the extra motivation worked. Also, thanks to everyone in the NYC meta for coming together to organize this event. I think that may have been the most fun I've had playing netrunner and I'm sure others feel the same way. It's truly a fun, friendly, and welcoming group that I'm proud to be a part of.

19 May 2019 Thike


21 May 2019 EnderA

The eponymous Bioroid filled with Rage!

24 May 2019 Sidkah

what were some of your directive choices?