Click Laundering [1st Swiss / 4th Overall @ Denver SC '19]

lukifer 840

I wouldn't call this deck Tier 1, but it's fun as hell, and to my surprise it went undefeated during Swiss at the Wizard's Chest store champs in Denver (though faring less well in the cut).

Unlike pure MCAAP spam decks, we have many paths to victory, and many ways to creatively leverage a 4th click:

  • We pack 5 installer operations, giving us good odds at a 4 starting turn.
  • Single-advanced NGO is great econ, whether or not it pressures a run.
  • Nanoetching Matrix is great for spending a unique click; even if you hit it once and the runner trashes immediately, that's a seven-credit swing!
  • RLC has countless uses, including giving you your click back for an effective 5 turn.
  • Cold Site Server is good value, and is often enough deterrent against running an unadvanced Vitruvius or a slow-rolled Ikawah Project. Late-game, it can even be worth using it to defend itself.
  • EffCom's ability can trigger or be triggered by MM on its own, for a net +2 (just remember sequencing if you're planning to advance something).

The last one is our secret sauce: using EffCom s for value, or spamming MCAs, or to boost a Cold Site Server until it's unrunnable (especially with a Border Control and/or Ikawah). Priority one should be scoring the first Effcom, rushing behind ICE if necessary.

While Leela is the nightmare matchup (lost to one in the cut when I couldn't find econ), you can still win by playing more cautiously and leaving clicks to reinstall ICE. In the current meta, Crisium should nearly always go on R&D, even against Leela; Diversion hurts way less than Khyusuk most of the time.

It's a truly mean deck, constantly feeding you extra s while squeezing the runner dry (especially satisfying: MCA to score Effcom, use the surplus MM action for +2 Effcom s, Restore MCA, use it again to put the runner on 2).