HummingBird Chronos - Archived Version

Quercia 217

This deck is almost an exact copy of @FREDPI's deck. Shout out to him.

I just added 1 Archived Memories, 1 Complete Image and replaced the Breached Domes for Snares. To make room for AM I had to remove Afshar but I don't miss it. These changes help to land the kill combo more reliably and since Complete Image is trashable, Archived Memories provides a way to get it back when you need it most.

3 May 2019 FREDPI

How did snare do?

3 May 2019 Quercia

@FREDPI it did well, helping land the combo more effectively. I used Snare because I wasn't expecting to many crowdfundings in my local meta, but I can see it working also with Breached Dome as effectively. This deck is super fun to play, thank you.