Kyushuk delivery system

mo0man 356

Install Patchwork, install Rezeki, get money, and eventually kyushuk a bunch of times.

If you whiff, just kyushuk extra times with same old thing

I was shocked at how good Maven is, cause I originally put it in as a joke. Might drop some breakers just because Maven did so well.

This is not the exact deck I brought today, by the way, cause NRDB was down, and I forgot what was in here exactly, so my panicked morning deckbuild did not benefit from my inspired thoughts from the night before.

Anyway, I need people to like my decklists cause I'm running out of deck slots

Edit: heck yeah net gain of 8 deck slots. :Valuetown:

15 Apr 2019 formerteen

Mti: 1 list Apoc Val: 1 list Lat: 1 list Spycam Hayley: 124 lists someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

15 Apr 2019 mo0man

@formerteenplease. I only have 3 spycam hayley lists. I have 200 Masterwork Giest lists.

15 Apr 2019 Cliquil

A like given for the honesty :D