Computer says no.

Mindmonkey 72

MCA Austerity Policy, Cold Site Server, Enhanced Login Protocol and Border Control. Any further questions?

19 Mar 2019 gilesdavis

Strong Box?

19 Mar 2019 Mindmonkey

Hm, I think Cold Site Server is better in this case. For one it triggers with MirrorMorph, and second the runner has to pay the extra click as soon as he initiates the run, which makes two extra clicks after the corp ended the run with Border Control.

19 Mar 2019 Mindmonkey

Also, Strongbox does not protect MCA Austerity Policy.

19 Mar 2019 koga

Also, Strongbox is rotated as far as I know ^^

I've been playing a similar list, but I think that going for Efficiency Committee is one of the best choices I made during deckbuilding, as it's really doing wonders for me.

You'd have to adjust agendas a bit, but I think it's worth it. You can also use Fast Track with MCA to score a 4/2 from the deck even if you have 2 counters only, because of the free click mirrormorph gives you

20 Mar 2019 x3r0h0ur

have you considered divert power to build up counters on cold site server, and get value on ice rez? you have quite a few 0 to rez options to fuel divert.

21 Mar 2019 Mindmonkey

Both pretty cool ideas, I'll check them out for sure. Thanks!

22 Mar 2019 Zanetti83

I'll try this deck, as it seems nice! but what about the ice? In particular architect and gatekeeper, never used them..any comment?

22 Mar 2019 Mindmonkey

The ice set-up is a bit of a mess admittedly.

I play architect mainly since it is a good piece of early ice to protect HQ, RnD or maybe even a Nanoetching Matrix. It helps a lot to set up if it ever fires.

Gatekeeper is more of a personal choice. I really like it for similar reasons then Architect. And it even ends the run quite reliably on the turn it is rezzed.

22 Mar 2019 Mindmonkey

I tried Efficiency Committee and really loved it. It synergizes so well with MirrorMorph and helps to boost Cold Site Server.

Divert Power didn't do much for me. I guess if you have all your assets installed, then you have other things that you want to spend your clicks on? I'm not sure though, maybe I just played it wrong.

22 Mar 2019 belkalra

so @x3r0h0ur @Mindmonkey if I'm interpreting the rules correctly, playing Diverting Power to flip MCA down and then back up would refresh the instance, effectively allowing you to use MCA twice in the same turn to remove a click and then also counting as different abilities for MirrorMorph, which lets you threaten the MCA 3 point score with it staying on the board for just one turn

29 Mar 2019 LiteS

Sorry, @belkalra, double MCA would require two copies of MCA on the table or through Red Level)