Adam XX (King of Swiss - Taunton GNK)

Japoco 168

“How many Deus X’s do you have in this deck exactly” - more than 1 opponent in the last week

The answer to the above question is exactly 20, or XX as the Romans would say - fitting oh so nicely with the name of this deck don’t you think?

This was a stupid idea that I came up with to port my Deus Wu deck into adam to gain the benefit of HQ multi access, Find the truth, free card draw and most importantly Logic Bombs!

I put the deck together on NRDB decided it wouldn’t work and left it alone for 2 weeks - but eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and after it won the first 4 games I realised that maybe it had some legs!

I had to take it to the Taunton GNK yesterday as it would be the last time I could play this deck before it gets well and truely hosed by the appropriately titled ‘game over’ which was released today. :(

Here’s a quick run down of some MVP cards and general tactics:

Compile - MVP and your SOT target - don’t worry about the 2 click cost for this - you’re gonna lose those clicks to a logic bomb anyway!

Panchatantra (aka Pancetta if you are 3n1gma) - vital for changing stuff into AP - use your emergent creativity to find this early - unless you are facing jinteki - pretty much all their good ice is AP so no need in most matchups.

Citadel sanctuary - keeps you alive! Interdiction - To counter Scarcity.

Breaker suit:

Deus X - your main breaker - makes the corps anansi’s, DNA trackers, Fairchildren etc. very sad - also why not just walk through that Endless EULA or tour guide for net 0 credits?

Abagnale & Demera - takes a bit of practice till you know the best times to pay credits to use these breakers or to trash for the bypass effect - in general just trash them early on - you need the money and can compile them from your bin when you need them - the one exception is that you should almost always pay for border control!

Overmind - install only if absolutely nessecary! RNG key - is a license to print money and a very worthwhile emergent creativity target.

Directives - Saftey first, Neutralise all threats & Find the truth in 95% of the time

Opening hand: you want at least 3 cards you can install or play to start your free card draw going. A logic bomb (or compile) in the opening hand is super strong especially against rush Weyland!

Play fast and aggressively - you can often win in the first 10 turns! Usually off centrals with the occasional well timed run on a server.

Things to look out for:

Hard hitting news - I’m afraid you just gonna have to clear those tags the hard way! . Architect - Is the most annoying ice you will facecheck into. Arc Lockdown - if you’ve seen one then never end your turn with all 3 Deus X’s in the bin! Also holding 1 compile in hand is advisable - use your SOT’s on the other one first!

Finally for anyone questioning the maths at the start : (3 Deus X + 2 Clone Chip + 2 Compile + 3 SOT) X 2 [1 levy] = 20 Deus X (theoretically)

I am tempted to swap the Levy for 2x mad dash for an ultimate ‘win/lose by turn 15’ deck - maybe I’ll give it a go!

Have fun and Always be Adam!

Baa Ram Wu

19 Mar 2019 3N1GM4

Mmmmm, tasty tasty pancetta... :p

19 Mar 2019 Zerethgames

This deck was amazing fun to see in play against loved it even though i lost against it

23 Mar 2019 hornedrat

If it's a Deus X-based Adam, why not call it Adam Jensen? :P