MCA AI Mirror 2.0

5N00P1 626

After last weeks testing (find more information about the possibilities to score there), I adopted my list but kept the basic scoring plan as it is, based on some combo things. But I changed my ICE to not be so porous which is an issue with MCA Austerity Policy & Haas Arcology AI. And included Remote Enforcement to put a beefy ICE on the scoring remote to protect my assessts there, preferable with Fairchild. The changes are:
- 3x Corporate Sales Team +3 Remote Enforcement
- 1x Red Level Clearance +1 Biotic Labor
- 2x Eli 1.0 + 3 Border Control
- 2x Fairchild 2.0 + 1 Fairchild 3.0
- 1x Cortex Lock
+ 1x Tollbooth +1 Turing + Fairchild
- 1x Jeeves Model Bioroids + 2 NGO Front - 3x Lateral Growth -2 Shipment from Tennin
So going up from 13 ICE to 15, feels much better!

Marked accounts seems bad! While I like that it's a click for 3 it results in not being able to recover fast enough. Another player was testing Mirror too and his turns where like: Install, Nanoetching Matrix, Credit, Mirror Credit. Which is a much faster recovery. I was playing stuff like: Install NGO Front, advance, credit, IPO which felt terrible as you are not able to put pressure with NGO.

Border Control when you have your MCA close to be scoring you can use it to prevent the run they are making to kill it and might be able to score out next turn.
My feeling is, another Turing would be nice against all those Turtles. Maybe exchange a Gatekeeper?
Hagen is really nice and I can only recommend to try it.

Had issues with ICE, but my feeling was, this was just bad luck, finding 7 Agendas and 4 ICE is an issues, but you don't need to be Mirror for this. I was doing some crazy combos, you can do it, but my feeling is, they are not worth it if you are not scoring out :D often I had to many pieces in hand and it might be better to skip Haas Arcology AI for an IA play early and MCA for later and including a Fast Track.

18 Mar 2019 GcFlash

I'm really currious to see how MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration works out and I like the fact you have Jeeves in your deck, as it seems really strong balancing out turns where you really want to do something three times in a turn (you know like scoreing agendas).

Three cards I'll be trying out in MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration that you haven't included are Nanoetching Matrix (which seems stronger than IPO in this kind of deck), Architect Deployment Test (as it's more flexible than Remote Enforcement) and lastly for the spice... Psychokinesis as it allows you to install a none ice card after potentially already installing that turn plus giving you more knowledge about what options you have coming up.

18 Mar 2019 GcFlash

Oh and Cold Site Server seems stupidly good.

19 Mar 2019 5N00P1

Cold Site Server was just released before I tested and couldn't fit it within this deck. But in Mirror I would test it at least.
Jeeves is nice, but you should protect it.
As described I was trying Marked Accounts and during my first tests I liked it, but now I'm not so happy anymore. So switching them for Nano seems legit or include 1x Marked & 2 Nano?
Architect Deployment Test as the same it was just spoilered and my feeling is, you want to protect you MCA Austerity Policy or Haas Arcology AI.
Would not include Psychokinesis but I might undervalue it. Do you have a decklist including it?