Spiky Seidr

Cucin 60

This deck was little bit inspired by this sanjay deck https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/53801/alolan-vulpix-i-won-a-playmat-with-this. But I had similar idea also in my head before. So basic tactics or main idea is to surprise runner with some spiky tools in HB deck. Not so many people await to be flatlined with HB deck. Whole tactics is to score 7 points before runner steals them or to win through flatlining runner. For those second tactic 3 snares are excelent tools. I added one breached dome (for another one there is no influence left) which is good against crowdfunding or farming virus counters through aumakua. But sometimes it can surprise runner triggering from R&D especially when runner goes for multiacces (together with at least one snare it can cause that runner is flatlined). Very helpfull for this tactics and one of the most important cards in this deck is tempus. It has great synergy with Seidr ID ability too. You can instal it on remote to bluff as vitruvius (agenda) or leave it in hand. You instal tempus to such server where is needed the most right at the moment. Good tactics is to create only one remote, and protect the most only RnD and that remote server (for HQ one ice is usually enough – especially against runner you dont expect they have diversion of funds). In the root of HQ is good to instal Mwanza city grid. Sometimes runner is so scared about snares in your hand or givou you money through mwanza city grid that he doesn´t run twice or more to HQ at all so you can hide hin hand even some agenda (ikawah is good example). Very important is to have money to trigger snares in every case. That´s why the rez cost of many ice is so low but tax enough. Viktor 1.0 is very good example and he is not bad ice in this deck at all. Preemptive action is also very important to put trasged snares and tempus back to RnD. I think this deck is very solid, it´s best Seidr I have played so far. It has about 60 procent win ratio so far which is very good for this ID because Seidr Laboratories is not much powerful ID.

P.S. And I used this deck also in tournament February GNK Brno (Diversified Portfolio), where I have played 4 games with this ID. 2 games I have won, and 2 loss, but one of that loss was quite unlucky = it was in situation that I had in remote server 2 advancement token on ikawah project (so I would score it in next turn) and runner cannot steal it (not enough money), His last chance was go for one acces card to RnD, where were more than 20 cards and only one agenda for steal=so very small chance to success. Unfortnately he hit that agenda on top.