J is for jerk and Jinteki (undefeated at Cancon)

Mr_Console 82

This deck was undefeated at cancon GNK, taking me to 2nd place (Maxx didn’t perform as well). It’s a blast to play and makes for exciting, if short games.

Always play brewery. Go fast. Embrace being called the scumlord by the TO :)

All games were won through murder, with two won without urban/flip kill. One game was by forcing net damage with kakugo and Hokusai grid on urban server to flip kill next turn. The other game was won by runner checking archives click 4 and hitting breeched domes, allowing for the flip kill next turn. The 2 urban kills were turn four flatlines. Defeating Hayley x2 (urban murder), gabe and smoke.

Ideal plan is to for turn one - hedge and install urban behind kakugo, or Anansi/mind game in a pinch.

Other notable combo is to strategically Rez kitsune to force a snare access and then flip kill next turn, executive boot camp can be used to fetch a snare before rezzing ice if needed. Kitsune is the secret hot tech.

Big shout out to blue haired hacker girl for the initial idea (deck name is rock me Amadeus) , to crowball for the help in thoery crafting and Gwarmageddon for testing (willingly dying over and over)

I would probably swap DBS for blacklist or a third boot camp.

On another note - crowball’s biotech deck came third. Very similar idea, abusing valley grid and code siphon with urban to kill or reduce handsize low enough to kill.