Opus Lock (SOCR8)

Sokka 556

This deck went 4-2 in SOCR8 together with https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/120008 to finish 13th place (tied for 9th) with an overall tournament record of 8-4.

The deck started with double Indexing but then after the first round I decided to shift it to full remote lock which made it a bit more comfortable to play.

The game plan: Get Magnum Opus out and just sit back and take 8 or 7 with a Paragon and occasionally drawing when I see a card I want (any mem chip, falsified, stimhack). There are many ways to do that turn 1 without having to manually click for credits and SMC. But doing it the hard way is fine too. With a Stimhack in hand I should be able to challenge any early remote. Once my opponent sees this they generally stop any remote jamming and spend a few turns gaining money and icing their remote. By this time I'm at a comfortable amount of credits and start poking their weakly defended HQ for single accesses. This is where I got most of my points during the tournament.

Highlight of the tournament: Round 4 loss vs. Shiiuga's Tennin. I went into this game expecting to lose very badly tbh and for obvious reasons as a remote lock deck is definitely not favored against Tennin Fast Advance. I went up to triple Paragon and put back some Indexing hoping I could play more aggressively. I got a good start out of the gate and was able to keep up with some central runs. I lost a Future Perfect sci game early before it got Genotyped back into the deck. The game ultimately came down to "who can find the last agenda first?" at a score of 6-6 and sadly it wasn't me that day. It was an awesome game nonetheless and personally it was a huge confidence booster to know that my deck was able to keep up with a fast archetype like Tennin FA when it needs to.

Let me know what you think! I'd love to get some feedback!