Open the door...

zamalyen 13

I've always %een looking for a non ice deck, & %een in love with all Jinteki's trickeries. Well right here, this deck can do marvels!! The key is to use your ID: try to put a card with advancement in new remote nearly each round, & from time to time, score an agenda (you'd prefera%ly delay philotic entaglement for the kill: your opponent is likely to score shi'kyu, news team & hangeki). If you start to grow your agendas & stop at 2 or 3 advancement, & score it only a few rounds later, your opponent will %e on his/her toes & would have to check some of your traps! Econ is good as you don't have to rezz ices nor much assets. Yet try not to go down 8 creds, in order to %e a%le to pay for your snares & shi'kyu. Under the %us is here to deal with the so hated film critic!!

16 Jan 2019 zmb

Neural EMP seems like a natural include? :)