Eternal Fracter Hunter

Sokka 556

published by Played this in the NISEI Eternal online tournament. On paper it seems like a very well positioned deck. Skorp deals with siphon recursion and most eternal players only play one barrier breaker to make room for other cards. The 3x All-Seeing I was there as tech against DLR and the HPT is there for Siphon Eater Keyhole decks. The Vanillas should definitely be swapped out for Meru Mati or Wall of static tho because of Aumakua. Each of the 5 games in the tournament came down to the runner stealing two agendas in one turn with single accesses and in all of those cases they would have been locked out the next turn. So the deck went 0-5. Vanilla turned out to be quite the liability against the popularity of Aumakua which I somehow overlooked when building the deck.