Lunatic Sports v1.1 - 4-1 @ UK Invitational 2018

rotage 1940



The latest deck in the line of decks using Brainstorm and other cards to flatline the runner

This variant has multiple ways for the flatline using combinations of Punitive, Neural Emp and Salem's Hospitality to deal the damage with Biotic Labor, Jeeves Model Bioroids and Efficiency Commitee providing extra clicks and Project Vitruvius along with Archive Memories providing the recursion to allow replaying of the cards

The deck went 4-1 at the UK invitational swiss rounds and 4-1 in a GNK running alongside. In previous events variants have gone 5-0, 3-1 and 3-1, with an overall record of 19-4

How does it work

TLDR - The ideas is to rush agendas and punish the runner if they are rude enough to interupt you>

More details - Unless you are facing criminal you ideally want to use your first etr ice (or just gamble that the runner won't run it) to try to rush out your first agenda, either a Effiency Commitee or Project Vitruvius with a counter.

After this you can look to setup more with ice on centrals and then installing your Cybernetics Court and Jeeves Model Bioroids. Ideally you want to keep these on the board but if you are not too worried if the runner spends money trashing these, you can use Archive Memories to replay these, eventually they will have to stop trashing them

Eventually you should start to get kill pieces in your hand its not a case of trying to score out agendas to force the runner to run and then attempt the flatline. Slot machine helps with Salems Hospitality, this is also use to trash I've had worse from their hand

Biotic labors can be used to either Fast Advance out if you are flooded or to win the game (I have Fast Advanced a GFI a few times now) or to help provide extra clicks to flatline the runner


Fredpi - Lots of deck advice, testing and general encouragement
Swiftie - Telling me about slot machine and it being 1 inf
Catherine - For playing this list and helping make the numbers look good

5 Dec 2018 CodeMarvelous

This deck is rad, some jnet testing of this deck can be found HERE.

7 Dec 2018 emilyspine

I swapped Effcom and Ibrahim Salem for Corporate Sales Team and an Architect and went 4-1 in the GNK (because I couldn't bring myself to play a deck with Ibrahim Salem in it). 10/10 would play again

1 Jun 2019 Conphas

It's like you make decks that speak to me on an primal level. I made a couple downfall tweaks and having a blast with it.