Virulent Strain

Severijn 516

I always liked the old school Anarch that was about melting ice, creating openings and applying pressure in the sense of trashing cards from R&D. This list tries to re-create that playstyle.

The ID is Omar, because Omar demands that you ice up all three centrals in addition to your scoring remote. This spreads out the ice, and makes it easier to crack open a server with Trypano.

The main plan is to get Hivemind installed on Progenitor and load it up with virus counters through a combination of Knobkierie, Virus Breeding Ground and Incubator. Hivemind boosts Aumakua and Trypano. When you get this going, you get to the point where you pay through ice for few credits, or that you melt ice instantly with Trypano. No ice is immune to this plan once Hivemind is at 5 counters. The best they can muster is Tithonium and make you pay 3 credits.

Imp is there to trash assets in decks that attempt to spam those, and is another target for especially Knobkierie. Imp, together with eXer and Bhagat punish corps that are unable to keep their centrals fully iced up. Clot is for players that don't think they need a scoring remote.

The rest of the deck is all about making money and drawing cards. When playing this deck, I rarely find myself actually needing money during a run, because corps are unable to muster the necessary pieces of ice. Ever since parasite left us, corps have been trying to get away with playing less ice, so it is not uncommon that your opponent is unprepared to deal with this. When they do get enough ice in play to deny the Omar run, there's always the chance that I have an Aumakua that is 6+ strength between it and Hivemind, and/or that I can melt ice with a Trypano-Clone Chip combination whilst I have a Hivemind with 5 virus counters. They also need to purge viruses to have a moment of respite on top of having all servers iced, which is a big ask.

Thus far, this deck has been working out well for me. It is rich enough to float enough money to dissuade NBN from tracing you. Its anti-ice plan works, even against glacier decks that don't revolve around Surveyor. Imp with knobkierie has been massacring asset spam lists. Against damage decks, I am able to melt their spiky ice and imp their Obokata Protocol/Punitive Counterstrikes. Also, the deck is pretty redundant and plays clone chip, so I don't really get hurt too badly from random damage pings. The weakness this deck has is that you do need Hivemind to show up at some point (i.e. Pray that they're in the top 35 cards), and that Best Defense owns decks with Progenitor in them.

I welcome you to give this a try. It's a lot of fun.

25 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

Needs more gravedigger and spoilers!

26 Nov 2018 Severijn

The version I brought with me on Thursday actually had Spoilers in it. :)

I took them out because I wanted the deckspace to make the main plan more consistent. I like the thought of putting Gravedigger in here though. Though I may just want a second Bhagat first. It's not clear to me.

Maybe I'll make a deck next that has spoilers, gravedigger and more R&D trashing cards in it.

30 Nov 2018 Tamijo

Would this not be better as Reina or Val Rebirthing into Omar? They need to Ice their Archives at some point anyway, so you achieve the same thing, but will get more influence. With Val you get the ability (at the cost of additional cards) and with Reina you're taxing them credits to rez the Ice you are killing.