Serious Mnemonics. 3-3 at Charity Gift.

fancywookiee 84

I won the Saraswati/Kabonesa Wu pairing for this year's Charity Gift event.

I knew going in that Saraswati was a fairly underwhelming ID with some notable Nonbos, for instance with NGO front.

Honestly, half this deck is built around turning other parts of it off. Mwanza City Grid is fantastic for making money until it becomes a massive liability, hence Divert Power. One-off events are difficult to conjure up without some way to search for them, hence Consulting Visit, but to include that at sensible influence spend levels then I needed other Weyland cards: Back Channels for recycling failed traps, Punitive Counterstrike for a kill threat with all 5/3 agendas and finally GRNDL refinery for more money.

You are essentially relying on your R&D not giving up an agenda, while you can use your ID ability to score out any 5/3 you draw alongside Clones are Not People as a 5/4. Meanwhile the Runner still has to find 3 agendas for the win. Sometimes it's hard for you to find them too though, hence Fast Track.

The Sentries in the Ice Suite are all pretty much interchangeable. I like Otoroshi for the theme but it honestly did nothing.

Wins on the day were by 2 scores and 1 Punitive Meat Damage flatline. Which is honestly better than this underpowered ID deserves.