World's 2018 - FTM Gnat

Conphas 583

This is the deck I took to Worlds this year. It went 3-4 I think. I had taken it to Philly Regionals and placed 3rd with it.

I had a lot of fun playing it and even more fun building a narrative around a young boy going to Beach Parties, folding paper cranes, and then inciting a revolution that burns down the corp's R&D

Basically, the game play is a simple flow chart:

  • Step 1. Increase Hand Size
  • Step 2. Draw cards until you reach Hand Size
    • Step 2a. If you cant find cards to increase hand size, play setup cards or econ cards. Getting all 3 Fan Sites down is very helpful
    • Step 2b. If you can, goto step 1.

You stop doing this once a) you have a hand size of 19 and 0 cards in your deck or b) the corp is threatening game point.

Hopefully by this time you have 3 Fan Sites in your score area, with DDoS, Eater, Titanium Ribs, and Turntable on the board. Black Orchestra in the bin or on the table if you are fearing a triple advanced Hortum.

Then you pop DDoS, 3x Amped Up, putting you on 10 clicks.

If you didn't win,

Click 6-Whatever: The Shadow Net - Whatever agenda you happened to steal - Fear the Masses, milling 6 cards each time

If you entirely missed on 24 cards (it happens) then you have to play FTM from your hand and hope.

The fun in the deck is the puzzle that happens when you have to combo early, and then scramble for a way to win. Those were the games where I had a lot of laughs. My favorite loss was round 7, when I had to amp up without Titanium Ribs and my oppenent sniped the 1 in 19 Eater. I should have played it first.

Or another game where I had already comboed and scrambled to get into a server, using amped up to be able to click through Fairchild 3.0 and Najja 1.0. twice.

29 Sep 2018 Conphas

I loved playing the 1st hand size increasing card. the look of confusion from my opponents was priceless.

1 Oct 2018 PeterCapObvious

This does look really fun to play

6 Oct 2018 CelestialSpark

If I understand correctly, you just auto-die to Crisium Grid behind a barrier, right? Surprised that didn't come up with Apocalypse being a threat.

6 Oct 2018 Cpt_nice

Or News Hound/Guard/Mother Goddess/some other ice

6 Oct 2018 CelestialSpark

Same idea, yeah. I'm kind of surprised there's no 1x Feint to deal with it (Interdiction or Councilman might work at 0 influence, but are less reliable than Feint which requires HQ to be 4x iced).

7 Oct 2018 OrionJA

Looks like fun.

Did you test a version with Bookmark? (and possibly even game day?) I know Bookmark costs influence but it might be better than devoting 8 card slots to increasing hand size, and you can even use it to turn on Nat's ID.

8 Oct 2018 Conphas

Yep! It has some auto lose conditions. Crisium never came up at all. That would have been embarrassing. In general ice is ice. Eater breaks it or it doesn't. I tried some versions that were full of answers but it was too slow. As it is I want the combo to ready 1 or 2 turns earlier than it usually is.

Feint, not sure how it helps?

I tried a bookmark version out of shaper but it was a turn or 2 slower. Also tried game day but 2x game day usually meant 1 fired and one was discarded. The 3x diesel were more consistent.

8 Oct 2018 JamesWinters

If HQ is Crisiumd, Feints "no access" wont trigger

9 Oct 2018 Radiant

@JamesWinters I don't understand how Feint solves the issue since Eater still prevents you from accessing more than 0 cards.

10 Oct 2018 Shishu

Fear the Masses relies on a successful run; Crisium will prevent that no matter what.

11 Oct 2018 Seb

If there is Crisium Grid on HQ and only 2 ICE then Feint let's you bypass the two ICE but the "no access" clause does not trigger (because Crisium Grid and you don't need Eater when you bypass). That's the solution to trash Crisium and then continue as usual. This does also work with 3 ICE on HQ and DDoS.