New Horizons

Severijn 516

24/7 might be gone, but that doesn't mean Jemison has lost its luster. Jemison still gets to do powerful stuff, like corporate town, Atlas with multiple counters, archers with upside and never getting HQ overflowing with agendas.

This is the list I am currently running. I decided on using GFI as my 3 point agenda, because Jemison tends to leak agendas with its agenda spread, and I don't want to make turntable any better than it already is.

I abandoned the plan of news team, HHN, exchange of information and Ibrahim Salem for the HB splash of team sponsorship, architect and some techy cards.

Like my favorite decks, this one works a bit like a toolbox. Do you have a problem with Viruses? recur Cyberdex Virus Suite with Team Sponsorship. Do they want to trash your assets and upgrades? Team Sponsorship will make them reconsider. You also have Wake up call to nuke Security Nexus, while you have blacklist and Ark Lockdown for conspiracy breakers. Corporate town gets to deal with any problem resources. Bio Vault can create scoring windows and turn off nonsense like Apocalypse turns. The weirdest inclusion is no doubt the Sacrifice, which is both a fast advance tool, and a way to shake bad publicity if the game goes long. To support this plan, Jemison can use Atlas counters, watch tower and executive bootcamp to find these tools.

The ice suite has two odd ducks in architect and watchtower. The reasoning for these two is that you get punished pretty heavily if you don't end up breaking these, and they defend HQ and R&D admirably (don't forget to avoid getting decked if they decide to run watchtower over and over though). I know many will prefer mausolus, but I believe it is better to run watchtower, because it is better to get your important cards faster than making the runner pay some clicks to undo the damage. Jemison needs its cards in a certain order.

Things to look into is whether the ark lockdown is necessary when you run blacklist already. I am also not sure Armored Servers is the best 2/4 agenda. Part of me wants to still run Armed Intimidation over it for the tempo hit, though armored servers can force the runner to waste a click running on a server.

28 Sep 2018 ayyyliens

Not running succes anymore?

28 Sep 2018 Severijn

And here I thought my decks are safe to share. :)

Not in this shell. I ran Success in a version that uses The Future is Now to jump-start it. It is a fun strategy, because any card you install facedown might be a 3-pointer that you are scoring next turn with success (or this turn if you're playing Biotic Labor). I can imagine a cool trap build where you are bluffing a 3 pointer or a nasty trap like Cerebral Overwriter, Snare! or Project Junebug.

The issue I ran into is that it messes with your agenda suite in a big way. You want to run more 1/3 agendas and 3/5 agendas and less of the hostile takeover/project atlas variety. I do want to revisit Success, but it'll be pretty different from this version.

The other reason why Success is out is because you don't need to do the "bait the runner" play with an agenda. I'm just going to install an oberth protocol in my scoring remote all the time with Team Sponsorship and waste their credits and clicks that way instead.