Pinoy Brew - Third World's Biotech

Powar 219

This is an updated version of my Mushin Biotech deck which I won Philippine nationals with. While I didn't make the second day, I was happy getting knocked out by a fellow Biotech player, Josh Q @formerteen. It was also crazy that as we were starting our game 7 of day 1b, beside us was yet another Biotech player, Robby @allofthemarbles. We all had different takes on the ID and I think all very viable in the current meta.

Mini Tournament Write Up:

Game 1 - First round bye. I had a lovely relaxing game and chat with Patrick @rotomappliance

Game 2 - Got matched against Patrick. He put down a No One Home and a Feedback Filter about 3 turns in. From there it was just careful running on his part which then won him the game.

Game 3 - John from Pittsburgh playing freedom. He had a few great accesses early in the game getting rid of both and archived memories and a mushin with Kumalo's ability. I secured centrals and then he ran a Snare! on R&D and flat lined.

Game 4 - Eliot from Denver playing Hayley. Mid-Game I had two things with four advancement counters on them in play. One was a Show of Force, the other was a Ronin. On his last click, he did Hayley things and installed two resources putting him down to 4 cards. That was all it took.

Game 5 - Josh from Milwaukee. At some point mid game, he went down to 4 cards in hand. This time it was bio-ethics, bio-ethics and a 4 advanced Ronin.

Game 6 - Dan from Toronto. I lost with Biotech here drawing 5 agendas out of 7 in the first 14 cards.

Game 7 - forfeited after Josh's Biotech murdered my Maxx. I was happy to get eliminated by a fellow Biotech enthusiast and it was great to see him pilot that deck to top 16!

I'm happy I made the long trip to Minneapolis and am satisfied with where I finished the tournament. 3 of my 6 opponents made it to top 16 and they were all an absolute pleasure to play against. It was also a really good experience meeting members of the community, and, as mentioned by most, everyone was just so damn friendly. Moving forward, I hope that there would be more local events or even regional Asian events.

Final shout out to the BC crew for being great airbnb pals!

14 Sep 2018 formerteen

this is really is a great deck, congrats on the strong finish! now to investigate who was responsible for pairing two of the biotech players against eachother, forcing us to knock eachother out of the cut...

18 Sep 2018 Powar

Probably the haters (?)...

Kudos to you and your biotech for knocking me out! :D