Saraswhat is a basic action card

beyoken 6049


They said it is the most important card in the entire game.

They said playing without the Basic Action Card couldn't be done.

But here we are. With Reign and Reverie, the Memeonics are real. As you install three cards with Saraswati, surviving turn 1 of the game without relying on the crutch that is the Basic Action Card, watch your opponent gape in awe at the sheer amount of mileage you're getting out of your ID ability. As you soldier through the game, your board expands horizontally, faster than any expanding brain meme out there. You hit your stride, your quest in sight, your tempo unstoppable.

And then you run out of money to fire your ID on turn 3.


As always, experts recommend you do NOT attempt this without trained supervision. Beyoken Studios is not liable for any grief arising from playing this deck. Instead, watch this deck in action!

5 Sep 2018 lpoulter

You have a beautiful mind.